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Re: GFX White Balance

JimKasson wrote:

Jay A wrote:

Interesting, thank you so much for your help. Makes me almost wonder whether an investment in a color temp meter might make sense.

I have a color temperature meter, and I never use it except for lab work. It's so easy to snap an image of a gray card.

I used to use one long ago when I had to use slide film in various environments. I occasionally use an expo disk now but never quite had situations like I am having with this camera when set to daylight wb.

I don't see any thing wrong with an expodisk, if you are careful to aim it at the light wource, not the scene. With the camera on a tripod, that is most inconvenient.

I suppose, if it's true daylight, the best thing to do would be to set the camera manually to the exact kelvin in the scene.

Why set the camera to any particular WB. If you're gonna set it to Daylight, just do it in post.

I just wish I knew why ACR chooses to set everything to 4800k for "as shot" when the camera clearly was set to daylight.

I suspect that that's an ACR/Lr bug that will be worked out. That would be the case if the embedded JPEG preview is good. If it's too blue, then its a GFX bug, and will be similarly fixed, I expect. It's early days for this camera.


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Thanks again for the comments.

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