A68 / A77 II - left control dial issue

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Re: A68 / A77 II - left control dial issue

Chimere wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Chimere wrote:

The centre lock discussion, love or hate it : very pointless, accept it. We have bigger problems elsewhere, just look around.

Then I guess you should also accept the Eye AF situation instead of 'making noise about it'.

I wonder which kind of emotions prompted you to that remark - most likely not very honorable ones, nor intelligent ones.

What makes you think emotion has anything to do with it?

Commenting, discussing, controversial but ultimately insignificant hardware items serves voicing ones negative or positive feelings, and lets us know what others think about it. Not many posts are need for that purpose. There is enough of that rubbish on this forum already.

As to combining two functions - Face recognition and Eye focus AF, which go together by their nature - into one, then eliminating the need to configure one of the precious A77ii buttons, and allowing then the portrait shoot function configuration to become "memorisable" certainly would be a big deal to most of us, at least so I think. Perhaps I miss something? More functionality, with less need for hardware & configuration. Valid point to make noise about ? You bet.

Any valid constructive pro or con contributions on the last paragraph ?

Certainly. I see no practical difference between my complaints about niggly little things and your (or anyone else's) complaints about niggly little things.

What I notice is that you think yours are better and worthier despite so many bigger problems elsewhere, and you think folks in this thread need lecturing about it.

Now ... should I go over to your thread about Eye AF and pollute it, as you have so graciously done here? I mean, you know, seeing how eager you are to set examples for people's behavior?

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