The most important D7500 question no one is asking

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Re: The most important D7500 question no one is asking

JDevlin12 wrote:

chile7236 wrote:

JDevlin12 wrote:

Will this camera easily allow the user to share images on social media?

if this is someone's requirement, they should stick with their phone...

Thinking like this will doom Nikon to being a niche camera company, if they survive at all.

Today's teenagers and twentysomethings are tomorrow's mature adults with lots of disposable income. They have grown up with this level of connectivity and will expect it from all devices. It's not a matter of if the camera companies can achieve this, but when. I get it that many of the posters here could care less about such a feature, but we should care about Nikon being as successful as possible so that they can continue to develop the cameras and lenses we enjoy owning and using.

Read somewhere that roughly 15% actually use GPS feature on their camera(s). Don't know how/if that translates to posting images quickly on social media, but I'm thinking the numbers are small who have this need for instant gratification (maybe perceived) with posting on FaceBook. And with the high compression (poor resolution) on FB/Instagram, etc., would it not be better to post a link to one's Flickr, Smugmug, or other favorite hosting site to see the full size?

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