Next step - back-illuminated multi-aspect 24MP sensor?

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Re: Next step - back-illuminated multi-aspect 24MP sensor?

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Okapi001 wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Their ambition of becoming serious sports/action cameras was shown as naive, first by the D500, and now by the A9.

Interesting, with announcement of the A9 E-M1 ll all of sudden lost its 60 frames/second speed and pro-capture ability? Weird, my camera still has all of these features and is still great for capturing fast action. For half the price of the A9 it can shoot 3x faster.

Ah...60 fps. Since you choose to ignore A9's sensor size or other truly significant features like its 700 AF points or huge buffers in your comparison and valuation, then I will point out that the all important 60 fps you mentioned has been available in Nikon V1 long time ago. That also has a little bit of pro capture. A Casio camera, the EX-F1, also had 60 fps capture about 10 years ago. Big deal!


First off that new Sony IS a tour de force - in SOME ways.

700 Af points? NO deal at all - to careful shooters. We often use ONE focus point, or a tight cross to get focus exactly right.

A machine guesses - now they have 700 guesses - Roulette - so what? "Everywhere" focus points is the SECOND thing I turn off - after the focus 'beep'.

So .. HOW do you go with 700 random points and a desire for narrow DOF? L O L

The Sony makes an EM-1 Mark 2 look like a bargain.

Does it have the latest 5-axis stabilisation - or the older version Oly licensed to them? Guess! Better than nothing, but lags Oly.

60FPS with a decent sized sensor AND a range of excellent lenses? No one else right now can match that - especially as we can bolt some excellent Panny glass on as well if Oly doesn't have "just the right one".

Has Sony got 50MP capability? Fools on forums pretend that 50MP "isn't like 50MP from a Bricks and bazookas system". Simple maths proves them wrong

Sometimes that many pixels are handy - the sony has just 24MP.  Will they copy the Hi Res mode?

BTW: The EM-1.2's 50MP (50 megasamples) is DOWNSIZED from 160 megasamples!

Will they copy Pro Capture too?

I don't even notice any blackout, while there's nothing "wrong" with it, technically better delivers "not that much" in this case.

An EM-1 Mark 2 makes for a very powerful but still portable system - superb for using all day and still delivering.
OM-1 sales point: Words to the effect "portability is king".

Portability is STILL king - it MADE 35mm popular.

ALL cameras are a compromise, to say anything else makes one a complete fan boor.

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