D750 DBS?

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Re: D750 DBS?

theonetruepath wrote:

Sagittarius wrote:

L Copps wrote:

Like all electrical appliances, they have a thermal fuse to keep it from catching on fire is something should go terribly wrong. Sometimes those thermal fuses go for whatever reason.

OP said that orange light came on, was blinking and became solid. Doesn't it indicates charger is working? Or at least fuse is OK.

Absolutely correct. It also indicates that batteries are almost certainly charged fine.

Even without a battery in it the D750 would normally continue to do certain functions for approximately three months using the built in backup battery.

This includes:

1. Top LCD shows space on card etc

2. When removing or inserting memory cards the access light flashes

If it's not doing these things then it has either 'locked up' and could be unlocked with a 'master reset' or the hardware has failed.

Unfortunately you can't easily perform a master reset because Nikon decided not to include that function. The only way would be by flattening the internal battery which may take a *very* long time if the lock-up state is not using much power. Even if it is using power, you're normally up for a minimum three-month wait.

Conclusion: The only practical solution is hand in for service.

so with a battery in, #1 does not happen but #2 does. without a battery in, neither of those work.

sadly it's off to service for the camera. closest authorized provider is NYC (I'm in DC).

Hoping the repair bill is modest.....

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