Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

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Re: Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

Short version is I returned the A6500 and 16-70 and replaced it completely

I have this lens and the A6500.  Best test is on a person where you can clearly see skin tones at least to me that is how I test lenses.  Unless you shoot brick walls and trees all the time.  I then will make a print at least 11x14 and if it looks good it is fine.  Assuming exposure is good to begin with and I also like to shoot RAW and JPEG when doing this. It helps me figure out what needs a tweak if any

This said I felt something was wrong with the A6500 and 16-70 and not knowing which I ordered a duplicate camera and lens.  I swapped them around so camera 1 with lens 2 kind of thing to see is it the camera or lens.

I was careful not to forget which camera and lens I bought first and kept them separate.  Either way one was going back.  Was it complete set one or two or lens one and camera two etc....

I ended up liking the complete second set and returned the first.  I am not sure still if it was camera or lens but It seems better,

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