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Re: Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

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brandog712 wrote:

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Frankly, the wall shots are unusable due to wrong focus on the branches, not on the wall. Also I wonder whether you used a tripod in face of the low shutter speed. If not, image shake, if yes, did you turn OSS off?

Ummm, the center of the wall is in focus, not the branch. The branch is out of focus. I used medium flex focus and stuck it right on the dead center of the wall. Zooming in shows exactly that.

I was on a tripod, however stabilization was still on. This should not effect de-centering test.

Check the 24mm shot both f4 and f5.6, wall is out of focus, or it is unacceptably soft IMHO. I personally think that the small twig on the large branch on the right top size is sharp(er) than the center. Be careful with medium flex focus, the box shown is smaller than what is actually taken for AF.

However, considering that "large" gallery size is only 1.7 Mpx, on one hand one can't really assess anything with those shots.

On the other hand - since those shots are already downsized so much and should have great detail & sharpness due to that when viewed at "100%" view, the image quality is really poor in terms of sharpness.

Even at that size one can see how sharpness (if that term can be applied at all to these pictures ) drops off fast outside of the immediate center.

At 16mm similar thing, only that weird distortion isalso visible - looks like the wall is close to exploding :-). Did you create from RAW without distortion correction?

Lastly, with OSS on, you can get extra blur on tripod, so you don't know what optimum IQ is with the lens. Tripod = OSS off.

I'd advise to reshoot at 24mm f5.6, small flexible focus on center, tripod, OSS off and then post the full size JPG here, best straight out of camera.

I'll try again with OSS off and small flex. I shot the files RAW, converted to as a high of a jpg as I could that would allow me to upload to this gallery. It limits me to just 180MB and those few pics I posted completely maxed me out, I had to down-size a couple even more to fit.

The resolution of that high qualtiy JPG is good enough to see if there's a problem. You just need to nail the correct focus (which shouldn't be hard if you just witch to center AF and let it do it's thing.. It's just a brick wall :D)

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