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Good to be back scrounging through all the DP threads I've missed!

Several months ago many of you helped me significantly while checking out the MFT format for the first time. I decided at that time to stay with my D5500 and associated glass... but that all sells tomorrow!

As an avid cyclist I'm incorporating into my decision process the possibility of going with something smaller and I'm curious of everyone's experience with the below cameras?

last fall I had decided on either an Oly OMD Em1 (with the 2.8 Pro) deal or the new Lumix G85. There looks like a few deals still around for the old Oly flagship and pro lens, but I'm wondering if perhaps the E-M5 or E-M10 might be the better play?

There doesn't seem to be such a huge difference between the G85 to the E-M5 in height and width, but depth is almost doubled. With the removable hand grip for the smaller Oly's it seems they might be the better option, but I'm wondering if the 81 point contrast AF is on par with what I'd need (I really love my D5500's 3D AF).

The camera to price-point on the E-m10 is excellent but I really like the 3-axis lcd... but perhaps not enough to justify the price diff to the E-m5. This will also be used on regular everyday photography and video with my family (and 5 kids!).

Looking at:
- Lumix G85

- Oly E-M10

- Oly E-M5

- Oly OMD - EM-1

- Pancake Prime for cycling
Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!
If there are any cyclists or ultralight Backpackers out there, I'm open to any other suggestions!

I do a lot of cycling (road and mountain) and always have a camera with me. I also use my mountain bike to get deeper into the woods faster when looking for wildlife to photograph. What camera gear I take depends on what the bike ride is about.

First, I have been using CamelBaks since their introduction and have a large number of different packs. I don't like putting my camera on the bike because any and all vibrations are transmitted to the gear. I always put my gear into my CamelBak or what other backpack I am wearing to transport my gear.

When I am out on a training ride I always have my EM5 w/ 17/.28 attached and my 40-150 R with me. Sometimes I will also throw in my Bower 7.5mm fisheye because I just love that lens and it is some small and easy to take. The camera and the two additional lenses easily fit in a pocket on my CamelBak Mule along with any cycling tools I bring and some snacks (can't ride without a little something to eat along the way). Oh, I also always have the 1/2 grip on my EM5 because I don't like the feel of it without that (my little finger hangs off the end without it and it bugs me).

You honestly can't go wrong with any of the OMD's and a small prime. The camera and lenses I mentioned are my always with me kit. I never leave home without that small kit unless I am bringing my full gear with me........................

Thanks for sharing! I've got 2 Camelbaks, 1 small streamlined for Road and the other for MTB generally (step down from the Mule I believe). I'm fairly certain that any of the cameras would fit into the larger Camelbak.

Great tip concerning vibration, I hadn't given that a thought. My Roads for the most part are brand new unless I'm riding through the State Parks. I'll see how my larger Camelbak does on my next Ride. It's almost all I ever need for day hikes now.

Thanks again!

Even on new roads there is a lot of continuous high frequency vibrations transmitted thru the road bike. Which is worse on electronic gear then periodic large jolts from mountain biking.

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