Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

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Re: Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

Rich Rosen wrote:

havoc315 wrote:

Rich Rosen wrote:

Now the only thing that remains for Sony to do, is to improve their lens lineup.

It's not too shabby compared to Nikon and Canon OEM.. the big "gap" is exotic telephoto primes. So for sports pros, this is a necessity.

For "lesser" shooters... the lens gap is more about 3rd party support. Sony lenses cost a little bit more than Nikon and Canon OEM. But Nikon and Canon users can also use much much cheaper and high quality Sigma/Tamron lenses.

Well, for a camera for sports action photography; not having an exotic tele prime, is a real no no.

I agree.. it won't be adopted by sports pros without those lenses.

My guess -- Sony expects to have those lenses before the 2020 Olympics and will incentivize sports photographers for that event.

From what I understand, Canon lenses work better on Sony than Nikon with the adapters. That doesn't mean the speed of Af of Canon lens will be as fast on a Sony camera as on a Canon. Is it good enough? We don't know. That should change.

The new Sony 100-400 is ok for some action work, but it is not a contender professional action/sports. It is only a matter of time before they produce some serious big primes. Until then, they do have the Lens adapters and Canon biggies to fill the gap inter lineup. I will interested to see how a Sony/Canon/adapter combo functions in the real world

A couple of questions or concerns: How short is the lag time between the EVF and the actual capture?

Having seen reviews and videos, I can say with confidence that it is 1/60th of a second -- It is a video feed playing at 60 frames per second. There is no lag beyond that. So you're shooting video that occurred 1/60th of a second earlier. It's just like recording video.

But as a still photographer, I'm concerned with real time. If I'm pressing the shutter based on what I see in the VF and it's 1/60th second behind, I missing my shot. It's hard enough dealing with shutter lag on a DSLR.

1/60th of a second is less than shutter lag.  It's the lag that every movie maker... tv camera operator.. etc, deals with

That "lag" doesn't seem to prevent television broadcast of the Super Bowl.

There will always be lag -- there is human lag -- the time for the human mind and body to react.

There will always be technological lag in any camera -- whether 15 milliseconds in the EVF... 35 milliseconds in shutter lag, etc

How is continuous focus lock on?

Past models have been better than Canon, but not quite as good as Nikon. I don't know the degree to which they improved.

The videos seem to show good lock on, but I've seen videos like that before, only to hear reviews say it isn't the best. We'll see.

Every new product puts together great marketing videos.  I can tell you that prior Sony cameras had good, but not exceptional, lateral lock on tracking.

They have got to be good for pros to move over to the A9 for sports. I like the idea that in continuous burst mode, there is no blackout. Sony makes the A9 sound like the future of action photography. If they can deliver on 75% of what they promise; I think we are looking at the future of action photography.

It definitely looks like its the future. If they haven't nailed it yet.. then it will be nailed in the next generation, or within the next few years. But the advantages are really obvious.

Nikcan will need to respond; quickly. They still have the lenses, but I wouldn't count on that advantage for very long.


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