Sony 16-105 vs 18-135 (vs CZ 16-80)

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Re: Sony 16-105 vs 18-135 (vs CZ 16-80)

QuietOC wrote:

Shyamelge wrote:

What is the best FL range of 18-135?

Mine is great from 35mm to 50mm--very sharp to the extreme corners wide-open. At 135 mm there is a bunch of lateral CA at the corners, but is otherwise quite good. At 18mm there is a lot of distortion, but it is actually quite good there. At 24mm the corners are just soft wide-open--the center is still very sharp. The corners get better going either way from 24mm. You might not even notice. The CA and distortion are corrected in camera for Jpegs.

My copy displays some tilt. I suspect others might perform better, but I haven't tried another one yet. I really like the lens. It is likely a good A mount lens to use an A6300 and newer E-mount mount cameras too.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Between 35-50mm, is 18-135 closer to Sony 16-50 (in sharpness) which has been rated best by you?

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