Nitpicks of X100F?

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Re: Nitpicks of X100F?

zilver wrote:

Exactly! There's really no good reason.

But there's a few minor reasons here and there based on the X100T that I had

- X100 was lighter and smaller and saw more use than the Q does now

- Autofocus is slower on the X100 but Fuji's mode matches my need more, specially center AF with automatic Face detect if there is a face in the frame, the Q does not have this function.

- Not sure if this is valid, but because it's cheaper I tend to be more free, taking to the beach, or even leaving in the car, etc. I tend to baby the Q a bit more.

I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same. I know I'd love the Q but might end up using it less because I'd treat it more like a prized possession than a camera.

I could buy a Q (I've thought about it) but it's a much more expensive camera than I need and I'd probably regret it when I realized my snapshots looked about the same as they do with a much cheaper camera.

Thanks for your answer.

That being said the Q is a much more all round camera which beats the Fuji squarely especially at night and I did choose the Q, but X100 does have its charm and that's why I'm pondering it, if I had a need for both I wouldn't be here trying to stop my own materialism!

Ed B wrote:

Just curious.

Your gear list shows you own a Leica Q, Why would you be interested in the X100T?

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