Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

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Re: Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

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These body/lens combos that Sony has come up with look just plain awkward. I will stop there because I haven't held one yet, but I have an idea.

A 500mm lens looks awkward on any body... the body being 2 inches deeper, doesn't suddenly make the balance perfect.

Possibly, but it makes it a hell of a lot better to hold and manoeuvre.

With a lens that size.. not really. I don't see many people handholding the Nikon 500mm/4, no matter what camera body it is attached to.

Sorry, this is just not true and saying it to try and justify a smaller mirrorless camera. From and actual birder like myself and friends I bird with, this is just simply not the case.

I did handhold my 500 f4G VR when I had it no issue and so does everybody I shoot with. Using a smaller body would make it almost unworkable, and a much smaller body unusable.

You may as well say that a 3,000 pound elephant is easier to carry than a 3,025 pound elephant. Technically.. you're correct.. it would indeed be easier to carry a 3,000 pound elephant than a 3,025 pound elephant. But in the real world, there is no difference -- they are both too heavy. to carry.

That's just not an appropriate analogy, in fact quite a silly and absurd one. A 3,090 gram lens is a *FAR* cry from a 1,360,777 gram elephant and whether a 1,372,117 gram elephant makes a difference. I, and many of my friends, are quite happy to use a 400 f2.8E, 500 f4E and 600 f4G lens handheld on a decent sized body. However, on a smaller body this would become quite a challenge if not down right uncomfortable and very ublanced.

Whether a camera body is 2 inches thicker or thinner isn't really going to make a difference in most lenses.

I definitely agree that with some smaller lenses it mightn't make much of a difference, but with large lenses and even larger lenses used for birding, a small body camera does make a difference, trust me. I handhold my 400 f2.8E FL VR no problem at all on either my D500 or D810 and I do so relying on the size of the camera as a major part of that support. In fact, I would rather use my slightly larger and slightly heavier D810 over the slightly smaller and slightly lighter D500 even though the D500 is better for birding due to its faster frame rate and faster AF. In fact, if it wasn't for the added extra weight, I would rather use them with a battery grip.

I am not a large person and neither is my friend who also hand holds his 600 f4G VR no issue at all with his D4s and D800, but I am certain he would agree with me that the (larger) size of the camera is important in that ability. I have two other friends, one also uses a D500 and D810 with a 400 f2.8E FL VR, another uses a D500 and a 500 f4E FL VR both use them all handheld most of the time due to thew fact that much of our birding is haphazard and handholding is the best way to get the shot. It's the movement from hanging by my side to bringing it up to my eye is hard enough with the cameras that we use without making it so small that it makes it even more difficult due to the small size.

I can only speak to my personal experience. I handhold a 300/4... I can handhold it just as easily on my slim Sony a6300, just as easily as on my d750.

I've tried larger lenses -- and I find larger lenses poorly balanced without support -- equally on my a6300 and my d750.

The body being a couple inches thicker or thinner makes absolutely no difference in my use.

Your 300 f4p lens is a very small lens by telephoto standards, you are trying to pull a fast one comparing it to 400 f2.8 and 500 f4 lenses, there is no conparison it is only 755 grams and 147mm long. Nice try.


Not pulling anything -- Read what I wrote. I have tried lenses larger than the 300/4 -- And I find them equally difficult to handhold, on either dSLR or mirrorless. The 300/4 is the limit for me, in terms of being able to handhold, carry, and shoot, for hours at a time. I was explaining my experience. Any larger than that, I find it horrible to handhold for an entire day -- regardless of whether I'm shooting with a mirrorless or dSLR.

I read what you wrote the comparison about a small light lens on any body, it is not comparable to a heavy lens on any body, the larger body allows one to share the weight and leverage needed to move it between both hands, not one as in the case of a small un-ergonomic body.

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