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Update : working distances and samples

The original post is about max magnification but this is not the whole story. Indeed, a large magnification is sweet, but it is much better if it can be achieved from a reasonable shooting distance.

And while close up lenses permit to decrease the minimal focusing distance, they also decrease a lot the maximal focusing distance.

+10 diopters @100mm

+10 diopters @100mm / max magnification eg closest possible focusing distance @100mm with the +10 diopters filter attached

Again @100mm +10 diopters. The *maximal* focusing distance is very close from the minimal one. So, you don't have very much versatility for composing.

To get an real world idea of the working distances...

Minimal focusing distance @100mm +10 diopters

Maximal focusing distance @100mm +10 diopters : not that much different. The range is indeed very small.

+4 diopters @100mm

With the +4 diopter filter, you loose magnification, but you gain a lot of versatility wrt magnification, while retaining comparable working distances.

@100mm + 4 diopters : max magnification

@100mm + 4 diopters, min magnification

Without a close-up filter

Let me recall magnifications without a close-up lens, @100mm...

Max magnification @100mm without a filter

Max magnification @100mm without a filter

By reducing the FL, it is possible to increase magnification

Max magnification @50mm without a filter

...but you need te be much closer.

Max magnification @50mm without a filter

+4 diopters @50mm

@50mm +4 filter : max magnification

@50mm +4 filter : min magnification

with the following working distances

@50mm +4 filter : max magnification

@50mm +4 filter : min magnification

+10 diopters @50mm

@50mm +10 filter : max magnification

@50mm +10 filter : max magnification

With the +10 filter, wrt to the first sample of this post, by reducing the FL, you regain a fair amount of versatility while keeping a fair amount of magnification (actually better than @100mm with the +4 filter). But you need to get quite close to your subject.

@50mm +10 filter : max magnification

@50mm +10 filter : min magnification


All in all, I think that the +4 filter is appropriate to carry in a pocket everywhere, for quick and casual close-up shots. The +10 will be better suited when you'll have a little more time and specifically intend to shoot close-up.

Sorry for beeing long. I don't expect answers, actually. The point is that this is the kind of information that I've been looking for, but that I couldn't find by Googling. So I hope that it can help future Google searchers. It's not a post meant for "debate".

PS : a Playmobil toy is approximately 7.5 cm (3 inches).

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