Update FZ200 to FZ300 or ZS100?

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Update FZ200 to FZ300 or ZS100?

I got the FZ200 to replace a DV tape camcorder a few years ago, and it has done well as a simpler camera to carry when I don't want to bring my G7 with lenses plus bag, or when I want the extra reach (don't have the 100-300 II yet).  However, the FZ200's

  • slowish focus speed
  • small sensor
  • iffy viewfinder
  • maybe lack of a touchscreen

compared to my G7 can be a bit frustrating.  The focus lock on w/ the G7 and DFD lenses is particularly annoying, as is the viewfinder difference, so I was looking at maybe selling the FZ200 and getting either the FZ300, or maybe one of the bigger sensor cams like the ZS100.  The FZ1000 is even bigger than my G7- I don't know if that is what I want.  I like the reach of the FZ200.  I got some great shots at ballparks of the batter at night games using it wide open at f2.8, and only the focus lock was hurting my ability to catch shots.  I usually pre-focused, but kids games at night and indoor shots don't give me as much light as major league parks, and that is when the camera lets me down, even with the f2.8 aperture.  I have a harder time pre-focusing and end up with much higher ISO

  1. Is the DFD implemented well on the FZ300?  On the ZS100?  That is probably my biggest question
  2. Is the viewfinder on the FZ300 much different?  Resolution looks to be a slight increase.  Is the ZS100 even worse than the FZ200? 
  3. I like the size of the ZS100, plus the 1" sensor, plus the 10x zoom.  Reviews suggest the lens is a bit soft- does that matter when the sensor is 4x as big as the FZ200?  Any softer than the FZ200/FZ300 lens?  Would cropping the ZS100 and pumping the ISO way up make any difference?  My ballpark shots are at f2.8 and usually 1/500 to 1/1000 shutter speed resulting in iso 640-1200.  Good enough for shutterfly books and web viewing.
  4. Is there any difference in the OIS between the 200 and 300?  I thought both were power OIS.
  5. Is the size/weight difference between the FZ200/300 and FZ1000 not noticeable enough that if I spend $600 on the ZS100, may as well get the FZ1000?

Thanks for any help (sample pic taken from near top of upper deck far left field...many of these pics turned out well)

2016 NLDS Cubs vs Giants Game 4.  Fly the W!

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