Sony 16-105 vs 18-135 (vs CZ 16-80)

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Re: Sony 16-105 vs 18-135 (vs CZ 16-80)

Tim Crammond wrote:

Been thinking about the CZ 16-80 seemingly forever, but always finding reasons to balk. Mixed reviews. Overpriced. Early models dodgy, etc, etc.

I have the Sony 55-300 which initially I wasn't mad about but have really come to like. Various primes sprinkled through the focal range, but the widest is the Minolta 24. I just want a good zoom to cover roughly the range of the CZ.

I'm sure this question has been asked in various permutations over the years, but what do people think of the the Sony's mentioned, as alternatives to the CZ? I might add I already have the Minolta 28-135, which I really like, but it is a bit of a drag to carry, especially if I have several lenses with me.

I could definitely use the extra 15-18mm equivalent at the short end which any of these three lenses offer.

Both of the Sony's are substantially cheaper than the CZ. Reviews on Dyxum are pretty close between the three, but no direct comparisons.


The CZ 16-80 is a fabulous lens. Don't balk at it. Just buy it! Great travel lens too and good combo with the 70-400 G [or the 70-300 G for travel]




-Martin P

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