Shooting Lower Light Wedding First Dance with M1.2

Started Apr 20, 2017 | Questions thread
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Just make sure...

luigibenet wrote:

Bhima78 wrote:

luigibenet wrote:

I have been tasked with shooting video of my step daughters first dance while the hired photog takes pictures.....

I will be colored lighting and of course not the brightest.

I have the Olympus 12-40 Pro f2.8, the Panasonic Leica 15mm f1.7, and the Panasonic Leica 42.5 f 1.2 (although it may be a bit long for the space....)

Which of those 3 lenses would those of you with more video experience suggest might be the best to use...... ?

Unfortunately I will not be able to see the lighting until just before the dance.....

Thanks for any opinion or advice.........

You might want a small LED light that you can put on a tripod and shoot the light through a diffuser. Something like this would likely do the trick:

Thanks, I had a smaller one in the past, but never really did video and sold it. I may use the FL-600R built in one, not super bright, but in auto can use the camera's metering.....

You use the light off camera. Harsh LED lighting directly on camera pointed at someone's face is less appealing then just going natural light and high ISO.

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