Nikon D500: Bound, Laser-Printed 405-Page User's Manual

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Re: Nikon D500: Bound, Laser-Printed 405-Page User's Manual

Helen, and all,

Thanks for the quick action on my missing D500 manual. Due to your help, I now have a printed and bound D500 manual on the way, and a store credit to cover the cost of it from Adorama.

Both you and Adorama came through for me, big time.  i honestly would have been surprised if things hadn't worked out so well, since I have had nothing but great service from Adorama in the past.

By the way, since I got an email from someone who read my original comment about the D500, I want to add this.  The refurbished D500 I bought from Adorama is the best buying decision I've ever made. The camera is excellent, and the price was right, plus, it's a legitimate USA model, and not grey market.

That's not to say that I wouldn't have gone with one of the many grey market D500s that are being sold online (most of them sold with very sneaky and hidden, but barely legal notices that they are "international models", or are being sold without warranty, so read everything, very closely.)  But it's nice to know the camera can be repaired by Nikon if necessary, even if the original cost is a bit higher.

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