Just bought a new camera D5600 and a bit dissapointed

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Re: Just bought a new camera D5600 and a bit dissapointed

Slimzy wrote:

Hey Guys

I am quite new to photography but not that new.

About a year or so ago, I bought a camera so that I could learn and get more into photography. It was a Nikon Coolpix P900 (I still use it) and its been great. I managed to learn pretty much everything on the camera and how to user it. Been shooting manual since a long time to get the best out of it. I really enjoyed the camera and still do.

Fast forward to a few days ago I bought a D5600 with the 18-105mm VR kit. I was hoping to see a good improvement in IQ, but to my surprise and somewhat disappointment, I see that the JPGs that its producing seem to fall short of the IQ from the P900!!!

I dont want to write a super long first post (so you get bored), but is this expected? could this be because the kit lense with the D5600 is not quite as good as the P900 lense?

Before I go and rush to spend alot of money on some new lenses or even a cheap prime lense, I'd like to hear some opinion on what I should expect in terms of JPG IQ from the D5600.

PS: I have taken alot of time to find the best picture settings for both camera and also done tests shots at both cameras base ISO. It seems the P900 has slightly sharper images (as expected with small sensor and wide DOF), but the quality on the focused parts in the image of the D5600 still is not as sharp as the P900.

Thoughts would be much appreciated.

I followed your thread with great interest and thanks for all of the samples. I think that you have shown is how good modern cameras with small sensor have become. In decent light their results are not all that different from consumer grade DSLR's with kit lenses.

Its really at the margins of light where the larger sensors of the DSLR will show clear advantages over small sensor cameras like the P900. The other way to gain a clear benefit over the P900 is to switch to prime lenses which are generally far far better than any consumer zoom and most if not all pro zooms.

The 35mm F1.8 comes to mind as a magnificent prime at a decent price. If I were you I would keep the P900 because of its extreme flexibility especially on the zoom side and use the DSLR with primes to achieve more interesting compositions because of the bokeh and the better control of low light. Consumer zooms simply don't bring out the full capability of the sensor.

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