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To my understanding, you still have one shim remaining intact. You mention they were on both sides of the focusing screen. Now, these shims only serve a function between the screen and the pentaprism, so the other one was left in your camera as a spare, for possible future focus calibration, albeit with a different focusing screen. See here.

If you need more shims/spacers for focus calibration and don't have them, send an email to the company and they will probably send you a pair by mail after you pay for shipping costs or something like that.

I just installed an S-type focussing screen (from the same company) in my D700, I had two rubber shims supplied with the screen. For my camera, It back-focused after simply swapping the screens, so I had to replace the existing copper (not gold:) shim with one rubber shim to achieve near perfect focus.

Note: When the focusing screen is flat against the pentaprism (without spacers/shims), it is supposed to back-focus. Otherwise, calibration would be impossible.

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