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Re: MFT / Cycling All Arounder?

Handiworks wrote:

last fall I had decided on either an Oly OMD Em1 (with the 2.8 Pro) deal or the new Lumix G85. There looks like a few deals still around for the old Oly flagship and pro lens, but I'm wondering if perhaps the E-M5 or E-M10 might be the better play?

There doesn't seem to be such a huge difference between the G85 to the E-M5 in height and width, but depth is almost doubled. With the removable hand grip for the smaller Oly's it seems they might be the better option, but I'm wondering if the 81 point contrast AF is on par with what I'd need (I really love my D5500's 3D AF).

The depth difference is due, obviously, to the built-in grip of the G85 (and the jutting "prism" hump).  But the length of an attached lens will still exceed the depth of that built-in grip.  In other words, the built-in grip isn't going to change the max depth of the camera if you've got a lens attached, even if it's the very flat Panasonic 20/1.7 pancake.

Sometimes I'll carry my GX7 + 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8 in a waist pouch.  It's a snug fit but even so, the G85 should work in the same scenario.  So I think the G85's larger size should still work for you, too.

And my own experience is that the Oly body (I have an EM5 II) isn't particularly comfortable for extended one-hand carry due to its lack of a pronounced grip.  I found my GH2 and Nikon DSLRs to be much more comfy/secure.

The camera to price-point on the E-m10 is excellent but I really like the 3-axis lcd... but perhaps not enough to justify the price diff to the E-m5. This will also be used on regular everyday photography and video with my family (and 5 kids!).

If you're planning on doing video, the G85 should be at the top of your list.  It has a better 1080p codec as well as the ability to record 4K video.

One thing I do like on my EM5 II which my Panasonic doesn't have is the Live Exposure and Live Composite modes which basically give me a real-time view of long exposures as they're being capture.  The G85 has something similar to Live Composite but it only outputs a jpeg file where as the EM5 iI will output a raw file.  So if you're into long exposures, then perhaps an Olympus would be a better choice?

For me, though. I shoot video clips more often than long exposures, so the G85 is the top contender.

The G85 also has an aggressive battery saving feature although I don't know how effective it is if you're walking around with the camera against your body where the EVF eye sensor will always detect something "looking" into the EVF.

Oh, another thing: the G85 has a built-in flash which is super handy for those times when you want to fill-in shadows (eg: portraits in direct sunlight).  The EM1 II and EM5 uses a separate hotshoe flash.

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