Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

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Re: Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

Now the only thing that remains for Sony to do, is to improve their lens lineup. The new Sony 100-400 is ok for some action work, but it is  not a contender professional action/sports. It is only a matter of time before they produce some serious big primes. Until then, they do have the Lens adapters and Canon biggies to fill the gap inter lineup. I will interested to see how a Sony/Canon/adapter combo functions in the real world.

A couple of questions or concerns: How short is the lag time between the EVF and the actual capture? How is continuous focus lock on? They have got to be good for pros to move over to the A9 for sports. I like the idea that in continuous burst mode, there is no blackout. Sony makes the A9 sound like the future of action photography. If they can deliver on 75% of what they promise; I think we are looking at the future of action photography. Nikcan will need to respond; quickly. They still have the lenses, but I wouldn't count on that advantage for very long.

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