Fuji X-Trans miracle, Jpeg wonder, any examples ?

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Fuji X-Trans miracle, Jpeg wonder, any examples ?

We've seen so many discussions lately about people so enthusiastic about Fuji, who already switched or thinking of switching etc.

We heard a lot how the Fuji sensors have better details, better colours, and their jpeg engine is miles ahead of any other brand.

As a user of a few X-series cameras that were all sold, I haven't found that heaven everybody was talking about. Jpegs sometimes looked great, sometimes bad, just like with any other camera.

With both jpeg and raw, I felt I got better fine details from Bayer cameras.

One other thing I found is that my XE-2 was no better at high ISO than my GH4. Say whaaaaaaat ???? Yep, the Fuji, when set to the same shutter speed, aperture and ISO, was considerably darker, and after equalising the brightness in PP (or in camera raising the ISO, there was no difference)

Above was just my experience, I'm not claiming to own the absolute truth.

But let's forget about all that for a moment.

There are many people here that own m/43 and X cameras. Does somebody has examples with X cameras put head to head with other m/43 or APSC or FF cameras where we can clearly see the Fuji superiority in its jpeg or general rendering ? One would think it should be very easy to do with all the praise its getting.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4
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