Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

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Re: Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

MoreorLess wrote:

The previous thread having maxed I went with a new one if people don't mind.

To me it seems like whilst yes the A9 is obviously more competition for Nikon it might well turn out to be a release that has a much harder time in the market than previous FE cameras.

The talk is often DSLR vs Mirrorless but actually I tend to think that a lot of the market for the latter tends to be new rather than just cannibalising the former. How many Sony FE buyers are people who didn't really consider a FF DSLR previously? Equally how many of them are naturally attracted to "new tech"? I don't think either of those areas are going to help the A9 a great deal though, we'll probably have a handful of gearheads who will buy it and endlessly post on the net but I don't see pro's or high end users generally buying it for the size or just because its "new".

i don't see Pros buying one of those cameras only because is small either, but I do see a pro buying one if the product works.

When your looking at performance as well I think this is a market where its much harder to sell on headline specs than say the resolution of the A7r II or the ISO numbers of the A7s. High FPS is well and good but really is only going to be as good as AF tracking for most users and in this respect the A9 is going to need to be a massive real advancement, not just listing AF points.

As I'm sure was mentioned in the other thread lens support is also a new issue as indeed is lens size, does anybody really want a very small sports camera? I mean Canon and Nikon could most likely make there flagship bodies much smaller than they do if there was strong demand for it.

there is a major strong demand for smaller lighter bodies, not as little as a Fuji XT20, but certainly a lot of photographers wish their gear was more compact and lighter.  Logically that is the case.  I mean, who wants to carry big heavy gear all the time?  Do you?

either way, it is inevitable, mirror less is the future, is just a matter of time, but Fuji and Sony and others are advancing at this way more rapidly than canon and Nikon.  It is not perfected yet but in three years or so, it will be much much better.  But maybe the AF in this new Sony is it.  Either way, Sony has just raised the bar regarding this new piece of technology, IMHO.

I mean, who ever thought that plasma tv by pioneer was going to disappear like a fart?  But it is.. Is gone, they don't exist anymore.    that's why I kept mine.  

By that time we will know where Nikon is, maybe they will come out with an amazing mirror less this year as well and it will blow everybody out of the water, or maybe they will continue to do so bad (because they don't listen) to the point where another company has already bought them by that time.  Kind of like Pentax.

Most simply as well your talking users who are much more linked into a single system as well with a much larger investment in glass, these people need a very good reason to switch, they won't do so due to the "gadget lust" Sony typically depends on.

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