MFT / Cycling All Arounder?

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Re: MFT / Cycling All Arounder?

Don't typically cycle with a camera but for backpacking I've carried E-M5, E-M1 and GM5. For compactness nothing beats the last with the 12-32, I can stow in in a belt case. The others need a chest pack to remain accessible.

With no pancake weatherproof primes available weatherproofing isn't attainable, but still a plus overall if the camera is sealed. I tend to assemble my kit last once I know the total load and weather forecast. E-M5+12-50 cuts a good middle ground for size and weatherproofing. The lens isn't compact however, and a 12-35 could be a good middle ground between it and the 12-40. I suppose a do-all prime might be the 15/1.7.

Happy shopping.


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