D4s - history / info on particular unit - can it be determined?

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Since you asked...

Maybe someone bought this camera, used it for a couple of months and realized it was too heavy or something to that effect or he/she simply were not able to get good pictures out of it.

Their loss = your gain. You didn't tell us how much you exactly paid for the beauty.  But I would simply stop worrying and enjoy the almost new camera.


billinvegas wrote:

Found a "used" D4s for sale on one of the big online retailer websites.
The price was good, in fact, really good! the description was somewhat vague
it said that it had very little wear or blemishes.
Since I had a little in the bank from a tax return, I decided to gamble, and purchased it.
When I got it, it looks immaculate, and even more so, the shutter count is 1276!
Not 127K, not 12.7K but 1,276!
So, it looks like my gamble paid off!
So, with a nearly immaculate body, and under 2000 shutter count, it got me to wondering.
If this is a refurbished unit, would Nikon have record of it using the serial number?
Also, is it possible to find out if indeed it is a US model?
Any other way to find out the history of this unit?
I'm absolutely floored at the condition of this unit! My curiosity wants to find out more about how it ended up in the used area of the retailer...

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