The X-10 is a nice and versatile camera: a few from Rome.

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Also makes me rethink my using the X10 and X20 for higher ISO scenarios.

You know, both the X-S1 and X-10 have the same sensor and image processor. However, the X10 seemingly gets better IQ. I'd say that's a factor of the lens being sharper than the much longer X-S1 zoom lens.

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Bernd ("Ben") Herrmann
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The X-S1 gets some flak, but when you consider the focal range from 24-620 equivalent with the wide end at F2.8, it is actually quite respectable. There was a recent thread on DP Review about "travel zooms" and how soft they can be and they were only talking about the Canikon 18-140 kit zooms. I think the X-S1 is better than should be expected, bested only by the $1500 Sony RX10-III. After all it is a "kit" lens.

I would respectfully disagree. The X10 always IMO beat the pants off the X-S1 for sharpness. So did Fuji's smaller superzooms. I think the X-S1 had the worst lens they put on a camera and if how long it was is an excuse than they should have made it shorter and better. It was generally borderline and no better, but often worse. For a flagship superzoom, it was not good enough.

My Panny FZ-50 (which had an appallingly noisy sensor above ISO200) had a lens that put the X-S1's totally to shame from wide angle to zoom, though it was not as long a zoom. Per Google Earth measurement, from the 7th floor hospital window where I shot this to the Family Video sign is 1/4 mile and yet you can read the small lettering on the signs easily - even the 'right lane must turn right' and the Teegarden street signs are quite readable if you select '100% details' and despite dpr's image compression. No X-S1 was up to that.

  • If my "Canikon" Canon 55-250mm kit zoom was as bad as I've seen the X-S1 sometimes, I'd toss it and replace it. But it is decently sharp, often really very good with AF. Just as an example of a 'soft Canikon kit zoom'... BTW this was not taken at full zoom, just 179mm (out of a 250 max), and with a 2006 12mp Canon Rebel.

Really, the X-S1 was a disappointment for what it was supposed to be. What didn't help was that right off the bat, people were posting what they were doing to shim the lens so the barrel didn't drop or sag. A brand new lens ought not to do that. Fuji did so much better with their other compacts and their smaller superzooms.

I don't know if the X-S1 is a disappointment, I certainly wouldn't have bought it at its full price, but at the last discounted price it hasn't been a bad deal, If I remember well I paid mine, brand new, about 250€ : it is certainly a different camera compared to the X-10 which serves different shooting needs and in certain ways is is equally useful, can we say one is complementary to the other?

Here some shots taken with the X-S1 which, to my eyes are not that bad, considering that they are quick snapshots.

And this one just to show the lovely Fuji colors:

After all I believe that sharpness isn't everything.



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