Help! 90mm f2 vs 56mm f1.2: Real world experiences needed

Started Apr 20, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Help! 90mm f2 vs 56mm f1.2: Real world experiences needed


In a week's time I will either buy the 90mm or 56mm.

I want a lens to shoot portraits. I have tried both lenses out but I still cannot decide. I have the 35mm f2 which I love.

I know the 90mm gave me really nice images that wowed me but I worry about the low light performance. I don't want it to just sit at home most days. I'm from London and its gloomy most days. I mostly shoot outdoors however.

In comparison I also find the 56mm pictures a little underwhelming but it is more versatile and I believe I can shoot 24/7 with it therefore getting my money's worth.

I have enough to buy only one of these lenses and I'm stuck deciding which lens.

I'm leaning more towards the 90mm due to the idea that I can make adjustments to just shoot earlier in the day but I can't have a workaround to bring back image quality.

Also I'm wondering if 56mm is too close to 35mm which I already own?

Can somebody with some real experience with these two lenses please tell me which one you prefer? And which one you would buy if you could only have one?

No biased comments if possible.

Thanks so much in advance.

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