D3300 Flash and Shutter Issue

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First of all sorry for reviving a dead thread. But it can help someone in the forums,

So this is what happened. My pop-flash was not working at all even though the camera system opened it in Auto or manual mode.

I said, to heck with it and live with a flash-less camera.

One day, I created a simple DIY hot-shoe cover from a piece of cardboard. With this piece inserted, I tried running the camera in auto and look - the flash worked.

It suddenly started working and it now works just as it should even without the cover.

I still don't know what was wrong. But at least its working now.

TL;DR - Flash was not working since many months. Inserted a DIY hot-shoe cover and it started working all of a sudden.

Thanks to all the guys for their answers.

sounds like the external flash sensor button was stuck . Glad your sorted now.

You mean the flash button on the left side? If you are talking about that, then no, it wasn't.

But yeah, glad that it is working now.

No I mean the really tiny one that sits under a spring tab under the hotshoe foot plate . When you slide an external flashgun into the hotshoe it flattens a tab out which in turn presses a tiny button that lets the camera know there is a flashgun on top instead of the pop up one

Yes, that can be possible.

But funnily, I did try an external flash on the camera. The pop flash didn't work then. But it worked with a freakin' cardboard piece

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