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jlafferty wrote:

I was testing high ISO use, not my shutter. As in: I will often shoot in low light venues and need to keep my shutter speed at 1/500th minimum. In these instances IG Iven that I cannot slow my shutter speed, I was testing to see: is it better to shoot at meter 0 at ISO 1600, or +2 exposure comp at ISO 6400 and adjust in post? I was also interested to see if my sensor clipped channels differently at ISO 8000 vs ISO 64/200/400/800

sort of off-topic.  and maybe something to consider Auto-ISO and exposure compensation work very well in manual, shutter, or aperture priority modes on Nikons. for outdoor and indoor (non-flash) work I generally (not always) use auto-ISO with Shutter priority mode. I do not use this style for performances because of the potentially strange lighting.

The advantage is that you only have to worry about exposure .... the auto-ISO simply tags along for image brightness.

j_photo wrote:

But why? Why increase shutter speed and reduce the exposure? How does that improve image quality? Why not shoot 1/1600s and iso 800?

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