Help on Battery Problem for PowerShot sx150

Started Apr 19, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Help on Battery Problem for PowerShot sx150

I have Canon PowerShot sx 150 and have battery problem.
2xAA alkaline battery does not last long. When it's voltage drop to 1.45 V , camera indicator"change batteries" comes out.
The voltage of alkaline battery is 1.5 V or above ( new).
The voltage of rechargeable battery is 1.2 V (in fully charged).
Is the "charge batteries" message due to low voltage or low power ?
I am considering a rechargeable battery. But if the message is due to low voltage, and if I but it, it will not work.  However it is due to low power, it could work.
(Ref: NiMH Panasonic rechargeable battery)
If someone could answer this question, please do.   

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