Macro with the G7X : magnification

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Macro with the G7X : magnification

With third party solutions, it becomes possible to attach filters to a G7X (I or II) or a G5X, or more...

IMO, a CPL is mandatory but for people who like that, macro / close-up lenses are fun as well.

I own a Hoya +10 diopters and a Hoya +4 diopters. I tried to put them both on my G7X, and I tried to focus on the smallest possible object, at varrying focal length. I actually did that with a ruler so as to measure the size of the "object".


  1. Start at WA
  2. Manual Focus set at the closest point
  3. Move the camera until focus peaking indicates sharpness
  4. Take the picture
  5. Zoom in by one step : the focus distance should remain minimal wrt the new focal length
  6. Continue

I'm sure that it could be more precise but I did it quickly to have a rough idea.


I've put the data on my Google Drive.

  • The size of the smallest focussed object filling the frame (mm) has been observed on the pictures
  • The magnification on the 1" sensor is the calculated resulting magnification
  • The third indicator is more weired and I'm not sure that it makes sense : it represents the reguired magnification with a FF setup, so as to fill the FF sensor with an object of the same size.

Tha values : measured and calculated

The size is expressed in millimeters.

These values are about object sizes and magnification, but they don't show the focussing distance. Actually, at WA with close-up lenses, the lens was touching the subject, with a massive shadow. As the FL increases it becomes much better. At longest FL, it is OK IMO : I would tell 20-30 cm at least.


I've only tested 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm. Without a close-up filter, the highest magnification is obtained with a FL between 35mm and 45mm (FF equivalent) : not at wide angle where the focusing distance is the smallest, and not at the tele side. This had already been shown by JND :

Good news are :

  • a regular +4 diopter filter will permit to keep the max magnification at longer FL, thus increasing the working distance
  • a stronger +10 filter permits to reach very decent close-up magnifications

Bad news : none.

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