From D5200 to D7200 or...?

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grannygear wrote:

TriBeard wrote:

My bad, I guess I haven't looked at prices in a while. Still, a 50 dollar up charge for the D7200 with a lens vs the D7500 body only is worth it I think for most people.

That said, I didn't really think to look at your sig to see what gear you already had. If you're happy with your current lenses then maybe you can get by with just the D7500 body. I think the 18-140 is a great lens for just "walk around" photography or general family photography, and a decent 70-300mm with stabilization is going to be a good deal sharper than that 55-300, and probably faster at any given length, at least until you get out to the far end. That said, perhaps your lenses fit your needs.

If that's the case, it really becomes a question of what is more important to you, and if you find the D7500 worth the extra cost if all you are interested in is the body:



Higher Pixel Density

Dual Memory Card slots

Better compatibility with older lenses

Slightly better dynamic range at low ISO

Same Number of AF Points

Battery Grip Supported

Better WiFi transfer (most regard the wifi as implemented here as better than snapbridge, but YMMV)



Better Metering Sensor for Subject Tracking

Flip Screen

Marginally better in low light

Group-AF (May be nice, may not matter at all depending on what you shoot)

Those are the major differences, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I just don't see the benefit to the D7500 for the extra cost unless sports or BIF photography is a primary interest. To me, the D7200 is a more well rounded camera, and the D7500 is much more specialized.

Good summary. Kinda the trend with the D3xx line as well. Newer isn't necessarily better.

I currently have a D500.  I had been shooting a D90 & D300s (mostly the D300s).  I got the D500 mainly because of fps and buffer depth.  Had the D7500 been available last year, I'd have gone with the D7500 without hesitation.  But, that is coming from a D300s.  If you already had a D7200 and it was serving your needs, I'd say there is not reason to upgrade.  Likewise, if you are coming from a lesser camera and don't need the fps and buffer depth, the d7200 is just fine.  Yes, the D7500 has a little better tracking and AF system for action, but the D7200 is still more than capable and soooo much better than the 39pt AF in other cameras.

I think you'd be happy with either.  So it probably comes down to price.  And you know which one is cheaper and available today.

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