1st impressions and shots with D5600 from Pentaxian

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1st impressions and shots with D5600 from Pentaxian

Long-time Pentax owners, we recently picked up a D5600 with the two VR versions of the AF-P lenses for a few reasons (light weight, better AF-C for birding, "free" with credit card points).  FWIW, here are our 1st impressions.


1.  Love the light weight and compact size...sure, the build quality isn't equal to Pentax or the D7xxx or D500, but you get great images in something nearly as portable as a point-and-shoot.

2.  Love the AF-C.  It may not be a D500, but coming from Pentax (which is fine for AF-S), it feels like a D500 in comparison for tracking.

3.  The AF-P lenses are really great.  Very light and compact, fast, quiet and very sharp, even wide open and at full extension.  In good light, they're very impressive.


1.  Not an issue for me, but I can see why folks complain about Nikon unnecessarily crippling its lower tiers.  Comparably-priced Pentax bodies have dual control wheels, weather-sealing, dual card slots and some other features that Nikon should include, while letting expensive features like AF, frame rate and XQD card compatibility distinguish them.  It's one thing to limit pricey features to pricey bodies--it's another to leave inexpensive ones off to manipulate customers.

2.  I'd sure love it if Nikon started featuring focus-peaking.  It really makes macro shooting so much easier that it's hard to give up, once used.

3.  I miss Pentax's TaV mode, where one dial sets Aperture, the other shutter speed, and the camera adjusts ISO for metering.  Didn't use it a lot, but once in a while it was handy.

That's it so far.  I really hope Pentax ups its AF-C game and gets more 3rd-party lens support.  Competition helps owners of both brands, and some of the strengths of small players like Pentax helps keep Canikon from becoming too complacent.

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