Sony #2 in Full Frame Marketshare, Nikon is #3! Not enough discounts on FX bodies? DX emphasis?

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Re: Its to do with wages

londonshooter wrote:

Basically the government has brought in i gather a minimum wage in Japan because Nikon had to pay more to the workers they then had to pass on the cost to us lot paying well over the odds plus it doesnt help here in UK paying 20% VAT which would reduce the D5 by £1000. Plus of course the biggest rip off here in UK is the fact that even buying second hand from a outlet such as Grays of Westminster we again pay VAT on any items so say in the first intance a D5 and the taxman gets £1000 of it to a point then 2 years down the line and someone snaps it for £2500 another £600 goes straight to the taxman

Grey's are very expensive. Cheaper places, I bought a D4s new from a Pro dealer for less than a s/h one there.

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