Fuji X-S1 price?

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A few things will influence price: serial number..the most desirable are those of the last production run with serial number beginning at 34A. Early cameras started at 14A, then 21A, and possibly one more, but the 34A was the last. Some people will shy away from the earlier ones as these has the "orb" issues with sensor blooming in certain light and lens droop. I don't see the sensor issue (of which Fuji fixed for awhile) as a problem unless shooting night images with background lights. I had a earlier run cam and it was not a problem with either sensor or the small lens droop.

I you have the original box and all accessories, that's a plus when selling as it can possibly demonstrate a original owner who cared for it.

Pricing: I have never heard on one actually buying a used X-S1 for over $400. but if someone wants one badly enough, who knows. A few places here in the US were blowing these final production cams out at $199. and I grabbed one. You might consider eBay auction with a reserve that you can live with. Still a very good camera that most of us here have come to appreciate.

Thanks. Serial no. Begins with 33N. Not noticed any lens droop or orbs. Quick Google reckons £250=$320. I'll probably try £200 see what that does. Such amazing build quality of camera for that price.

Are you in UK? I'm not certain the N in the serial number was used in the US, but it makes no difference as it's likely one of the last produced. Good luck

Yes in the UK. Anyway thanks for the info and ill get it up for sale.

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