I guess this has been beat to death before? FX-lens of body?

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Re: Reasons for not going with a mirror less system.

Brev00 wrote:

If you are still considering your options, I would suggest sticking with the D7100 and just switching to jpeg for action shooting. Then, you can get a new lens or two to help improve what you are doing or enter into a new specialty. Chasing the latest upgrades seem to give slight improvements that can be worked around with earlier models. Yes, they have nice features but that is true of every update. The D7500 will be replaced in 2-3 years with entry level cameras updated even faster.

Thanks, right this moment, I have no intention to spend my money I'll receive from my D700 on its way to KEH, today. I've got money saved,and don't plan on purchasing anything till I can read some real reviews of D7500, I may not like what I read and go in different direction.

All joking aside, I'm cool with D7100 shooting at 6 FPS even in jpeg, I can capture most action shots. If I don't care for the D7500, i don't have to buy anything.! And i can set back save my "pennies" and wait for the next one. i recently dropped it after time spent in my bird blind, I was wrapping up my gear and lost my grip on it and it hit the floor! well after checking it out I contacting  Nikon, sent it in and $325.00 later, its been back about 2 weeks and its fine. No need to have to replace it.

This is my back yard bird blind.

Thanks for you posting. a reply.

"D H R"

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