Sony A9.. wakeup call to Nikon?

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Sony A9.. wakeup call to Nikon?

For the last 5 years.....   Mirrorless had some advantages over dSLRs...

But dSLRs maintained a lot of traditional advantages.    There was a lot of noise about the "potential" of mirrorless...  but that potential generally wasn't realized except in flashes.  And while mirrorless grew more and more new-age advantages, there were many traditional factors that a mirrorless couldn't touch.

As of yesterday.... there were no full frame mirrorless lenses over 300mm.

As of yesterday... there was no full frame mirrorless camera that could shoot faster than about 6 fps.   Nothing that could compare to the 14 fps of the Nikon D5.  No mirrorless that could even match the 6.5 fps of the Nikon D750.

As of yesterday, mirrorless camera EVFs suffered from "slideshow" effects on most models.  All Sony full frame models had the issue.  And all Sony mirrorless had the issue at faster than 8fps.  Arguably, this is worse than mirror blackout.

As of yesterday, the battery life of Sony full frame mirrorless was pathetic.  And no models had dual card slots.

But as of today.... Sony lens lineup as been becoming more and more competitive, and they now have added a 100-400...   Further closing the gap with Canon/Nikon...

As of today, they have a full frame mirrorless camera that BLOWS THE NIKON D5 out of the water in terms of frame rate -- 20 fps, while still having higher resolution than the D5, at 24mp!

As of today, there is a mirrorless model that maintains continuous EVF, with absolutely no blackout.

As of today, there is a mirrorless full frame that can shoot at 1/32,000 of a second.

As of today, there is a mirrorless  with at least respectable battery life, even if still behind dSLRs.  And while Nikon is taking away a second card slot from the D7500, there is now a full frame mirrorless with 2 fast card slots + ethernet transfer.

As of today, there is a full frame model that has focus coverage over 93% of the frame, that can be maintained continuously without interruption.

I'll wait for reviews and testing, to see if the camera can fulfill its promise.

But today is the day where mirrorless may have begun to realize its potential and blown past traditional Nikon dSLRs.

I'm not spending $4500 and ditching my Nikon system.... but if Nikon doesn't wake up soon, I suspect that in 2-4 years, I'll be shooting with Sony as the put that technology into cheaper models.

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