Calling out users of the Samyang and/or Rokinon 135mm f/2 lens

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Re: Calling out users of the Samyang and/or Rokinon 135mm f/2 lens

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I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly are the differences between these two lenses. I understand that Samyang lends its designs to other companies, primarily Rokinon. However, there is a $100 price difference between the two. I am very skeptical that the Rokinon would be exactly the same in optical quality for such a huge difference in price, 20% less. I hope I am wrong because I do wish to save myself the $100. However, if the Samyang is superior in optical quality, I will dish the extra $100.

thank you all ahead of time

Fantastic lens, I own one and it was my sharpest lens until I got my Sigma 85 art. In terms of LoCA correction, it is my best lens.

There is no difference between the two brands, Samyang sells them under a variety of names. Identical lenses.

That said, there is huge quality variation from copy to copy of Samyang lenses. Two of the seven Samyang lenses I've owned had to be sent back for replacement, they were that bad. Fortunately my 135mm is a very good copy.

Get the cheapest version you can find, and be prepared to go through more than one copy due to quality variation. Samyang lenses are awesome bang for the buck, but this is a major weakness. But some of their lenses are gems (135mm), and some exist nowhere else (the fisheye which have stereographic projections, the 10 and 16mm primes for crop frame).

Thank you much for the response. If I get bad copies of anything they go back in less than a week. Should I have to get a second copy and the second copy gives me issues, I will just get a refund completely. Thank you for the heads up. It will be my second Samyang lens, I currently own the 50mm f/1.4, luckily I had no issues there.

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