Stuck: Pro-10 or Pro-1000 - I'll explain my situation...

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Stuck: Pro-10 or Pro-1000 - I'll explain my situation...

Thanks for your help in advance I'm going nuts here and can't figure out what to do. watched hours of Joe's videos (and many others in the last two days) and I'm stuck. There's a bunch here but it's quick to scan.

version: Do I get a Pro-10 or Pro-1000 IF I am selling my prints AND have access to a Pro-4000 now and then for $0.04/sq in?

Ok... I'm a full-time photographer in Hawaii: couples (weddings/anniversary session, etc) and landscapes (the landscapes is a growing part of my business but has mainly been canvases so far).

I've never taken ownership of my prints before (always sending out to labs) but I took a printing class at a local college last weekend and I'm hooked. The lab has a Canon Pro-4000,so you can imagine how happy I was with the prints

I'll explain my situation and then ask: what would you do?

I have access to the lab's 4000 (but not all the time and they are slow to get back to me on when I can go in, etc). At a cost of $0.04 /in (when I bring in my own paper).

I want to get a printer in my home office I can use to create prints (more on what type in a moment) and use the lab's 4000 if I needed something really large (and not overly timely, if I'm unable to get into the lab for a week or something).

I want to get better at knowing how to produce great prints for my clients, so even if I have to outsource a large project to a lab somewhere, I'm able to know it's going to be done well. I think this will come as I print my own, start to understand more and get a better understanding of how to translate my "looks good on the screen" photos to "looks great on the wall" art.

The products:

1) I'm looking to create a new 11x14 folio box product for my couples/weddings/etc. This is sort of the big thing right now. 11x14 mats with 10x7 prints that are put together in a box and sold for $1-3k.

Since most of my clients are traveling here to Hawaii for vacation or their wedding, I'd love to shoot the session at the start of their trip, edit the photos, print 10-20 and put them in slide-in mats, and then present them in a quick 10-15 mins session (instead of in-person sales, just do a quicker "Hey, here's some of the photos from your session and I'd love to sell this to you before you go home and ship it to you for $_____ ($1500? etc).

I can also send one to them as a gift (maybe $20, all-in, to ship them one and they might buy more then at $150 or so a pop?)

I have 3-7 session a month (so maybe 30-100 8.5x11 prints) just for these.

2) I'd like to create some more landscape photo prints to sell in local stores. A variety of sizes, but matted ones that tourists can buy and take home with them. So probably not huge. But I'd be building up stock; so lots of images right on the onset (100-200 maybe?)

I'd also love to do a few limited edition folio boxes (11x14 mats like the ones above) for some of my collections (some Hawaii collections, maybe an Italy collection, etc). I'd like to do those on the remaining Sugar Cane Hanemule paper I can get my hands on (again, making it more limited edition) or maybe just bamboo.

3) At this point, I am not sure if I'll need to add larger prints (will they be asked for?). I really like to shoot and print panos (so with the Pro-10 the largest is 16x9, I think). I don't have a good idea of the larger sizes that might be called for in the future (if the landscape work continues to take off). For wedding clients, I RARELY have anything over an 11x14 ordered (maybe a few 16x20's over the years?)

But I do want to be aware of getting the right tools now so I don't have to purchase something else later.


I'm in a humid part of Oahu, my window is open most of the time, and I don't have AC. I think humidity is ok for the printers (less clogged heads; I've read) but FYI if I should be aware of anything.

I think I'll end up printing on Bamboo (or Sugar Cane) paper from Hanemule, especially for the landscape work. Maybe their Fine Art Pearl. I'm still experimenting. The more "green" papers play well with a more "Earth Friendly" brand out here in Hawaii.

The Pro-10 is older tech and cheaper to operate (IF I do the precision inks refills myself). The cost is less scary when it comes to OEM ink (even though I read everywhere I'll go through more of it).

The Pro-10 isn't as great with fine art papers, I'm reading. The matte black issue? So maybe I want the Pro-1000 for that reason alone?

The Pro-1000 would give me more pano sizes and larger prints, in general. And would be closer to the 4000 (if I had to do some images on that printer for an order too -- although I could probably just do the whole order on that if I had one large print... that might be better).

The Pro-1000 just seems like a lot to outlay right up front (gotta spend money to make money, though, right?). But everyone I've talked to who is from Canon or a camera store says go with the 1000 (vested interest, though?)

I have two friends who, for themselves, are on either side of the debate (one is the 1000 and the other the 10). So they are no help

I do want archival prints, especially for the landscapes. So I think the Pro-100 is out, correct?

THANK YOU for reading this (if you made it this far). I really want to do this right and not waste money on something I don't need OR on something I will replace in 6 months with something larger!



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