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Ernie Misner
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Re: I've eliminated TIFF's from my usual workflow

TN Args wrote:

RBFresno wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

RBFresno wrote:

I now typically open up my RAW files in Photoshop CC, but rather than rely on Photoshop's RAW converter (or Lightroom), the file is immediately sent to Photo Ninja (installed in Photoshop as a plug-in) to be opened, and then make a few basic adjustments (e.g. exp compensation, white balance, color adjustments).

Then back to Photoshop where I use Nik software (also as a photoshop Plug-in) fairly frequently......

Are you sure that when you exit PS into any plug in that it is not immediately converted to a tiff?

"Any plugin?" Don't know.

But the Photo Ninja plug in works within the RAW format as do the Nik plug ins (SilverEffex, Color Effex, Define, etc.).

I can confirm that the Nik plugins immediately convert the raw file to TIFF or PSD or JPEG. Just like all the plugins I have ever tried. I expect Photo Ninja to be the same.

Hence RB has been using the PS raw converter all the time and working in processed formats to do all his plugin edits.

I think some software will work as a stand alone application or as a plug in.  So you may be able to open a raw file directly in the stand alone program only.  Then it becomes a question as to how far you get in said software with your raw file before they convert it to a tiff or something else.

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