Backward compatibility, marketing strategies, etc.

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Re: Backward compatibility, marketing strategies, etc.

Brueghel wrote:

Adobe is a sweet company that takes such good care of its customers. You brought tears to my eyes....

The sad side is that not only does Adobe offer simple solutions to help its customers (it goes 100% out of its way to do that) but said customers just wont use them.

They just prefer to whine.

BTW: the $ figures were examples. Not absolute values. but that's a detail

And thank you for agreeing with me: people dont want to change their 30 years old lenses and are mad when a new camera comes out that wont let them keep using it.

I pretty much only come here now for entertainment now... quite enjoying the D7500 reality show

I design and support products which include PLC/HMI so i find people here interesting.  Understanding people goes a long way to understanding how to create better UX/UI.  A lot of designers struggle to understand how the average user works which creates poor interfaces/workflows... but to a large degree, people will adapt to almost anything, no matter how poor it is... a poor UI is a much bigger hurdle to new users; changing it (sometimes repeatedly) is a bigger hurdle to your experienced/legacy users.

Who doesn't (or at least didn't) hate ribbon bars? I'm sure I'm not the only one that initially hated a new workflow only to find that once i accepted it, it was much better than the old way.  Some people fight those changes and create workarounds (which require much more work) so they don't have to learn the new way.

I always ask for fewer problems, not just different problems; I'm usually not that lucky

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