Nearly full page banding on Pro 100

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Nearly full page banding on Pro 100

So, I have 2 Pro 100's now, one bought new and one bought recently off Ebay.

The ebay printer has bad banding throughout the image. I've tried many things to try and eliminate it:

The banding:

Print head alignment, both manual and auto (with photo glossy paper), no change

Brand new OEM inks, 4 purge cycles, and a nozzle check with no lines, no change

Removed and reseated the print head, 1x cleaning cycle, re-did alignment, no change

Cleaned the rollers using the driver maint option (3x), no change

Cleaned the platen (5x), no change

Cleaned the micro strip for the printhead with alcohol, no change

Sent images across usb and ethernet, no change

Everything I tried above made no change whatsoever to the prints, every test print was identical. The banding always started in the exact same spot, same intensity, same distance between banding.

I decided at this point to swap carts and print head with my new printer:

Ebay printer with New print-head and eBay carts, 2x clean, printed exactly the same. The same test print printed perfect on the new printer.

Ebay printer, new printhead, new printer carts, 2x cleaning, no change still banded!

New printer, ebay print head, ebay carts, prints banding, not a print head issue or cart issue at this point.

Based on the above, whats left?

Scans to show what I'm seeing:

Anything else to try would be most appreciated.


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