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Photo submissions..

Sal Giambruno wrote:

The only reason I brought it up was that I felt/feel bad for the
poor souls who post a message and get little or no reply. I try my
best to to give a pat on the back for a photo submission and to
provide a valid answer to even the most mundane, redundant
question, even if the person's name is ScrewYouBuddy.

Most of the mundane technical questions get answered fairly quickly.
A few questions only spark long pointless debates, and they
hopefully fade away. Sometimes a newbie doesn't know
that their "harmless" question is a trigger for a religious war,
which is why noone is answering.
Oh well.. If they stick around, they'll see.

It's interesting that you mentioned photo submissions though.
Those are the toughest for me. We get a lot of stuff like this.

"Hi, I just took a photo (of a lamp post with birds, statue, and car in the
background all in the same shot), and I did everything I could in
EZ Paint 3.
Here it is. What do you think?"

I'm not sure how to respond to posts like that. It's not always
clear what they want from the Nikon crowd. Do they want people
to tell them the photo is great, or offer advice on how to make
it better next time, or that they should be using some other photo
editting tool to fix some technical problem that wasn't obvious
from the subject matter. If it's not a great photo, you sorta
wonder how they'll take it if you give constructive criticism.
And sometimes it is a good photo, but of a subject matter
that's "been done". Hard for the newbies to know that, unless
they simply stick around a while.

Even over on Samples and Galleries, it's generally not clear
when someone wants praise, advice, critiques or just a personal
opinion. God knows, I'm the last person to judge whether
my own photographs are any good or not most of the time
so I'm not always comfortable offering an opinion unless
I'm just blown away (e.g. recent rainbow photos).

The end result of all this uncertainty, is that some photo submissions
simply create no response at all. I notice it fairly often. I think
if people are a bit more clear on what they're looking for when
the post here, it'll create a culture where newbies know what
to expect and how to post. One thing I do like, when someone
posts a photo they like, is to have them describe WHY they like it.
Sometimes it's the story behind the shot, be it the journey or
the technical challenge, that makes it for me.


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