Rubinar 500mm f5.6 mirror

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Re: Rubinar 500mm f5.6 mirror

dholl wrote:

I've found no threads on this lens. Not surprising as it's almost impossible to use on a Pen (tho' the IS comes in handy).

You need a host camera with a viewfinder, without it you need three hands (the lens is H U G E ).

I took it out for the first time this morning, here's a coupla jpgs (E-P1, ISO 200/250, both 1/200...light pp):

I would say the prerequisites for using this lens on M43 are:

For some reason, your list doesn't appear here, nor can it be pasted.

I don't think your requisites are necessary, and most are rendered unnecessary if you use a tripod or other support - which you should be doing.

I've got 3 mirror lenses, all 500mm f8.0 (Canon, Tamron and the MC 3M-5CA) and I've used them on an old E-P1 which works fine as long as you can set up and take time to adjust focus using magnified view; of course Panasonic makes this far easier, and the viewfinder and focus peaking is nice.

I rarely shoot, and even less often, actually use RAW, and the types of adjustments I make are mainly to contrast, vignetting (which can be bad in mirror lenses) and sharpness. I often tend to a more over processed look, partly because of the subject matter, but also to work around the deficiencies of these lenses - or even to use the same deficiencies to advantage.

IS is effectively irrelevant; pretty ineffective at that length, and handholding and focusing correctly is almost impossible anyway.

Certainly agree about the light, you need lots of it, forget shooting in low contrast situations - but bright highlights can be a real distraction, too.

The Soviet lens is considerably better than the Canon, a short post here:

The Tamron is slightly better than the 3M-5CA. I was able to find a Canon tripod mount that fitted the 3M-5CA, which makes it useful. You do not want to use the camera body to support this lens! for an example from this lens.

The Panas don't have IS, and the Olys don't have viewfinders. Does the EP-2 have an external viewfinder not limited to any focal length? --- EDIT: just read about the VF-2...sounds like it's on a par with the GH1 viewfinder ---

Anyone else use the Rubinar monsters? If you have a large mirror lens with cyrillic markings on it then it's probably a Rubinar.

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