Autofocus questions (live view, viewfinder, etc)

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Hum. Apologies...

Re-did everything with today's sunshine (was unavailable yesterday).

Shooting through viewfinder is almost identical in AF-S and AF-C modes. Both sliiiiightlllyyy worst than in LiveView mode. I dont think I have a problem in either lens or in the camera and I believe I made mistakes somewhere, yesterday.

Mansurov says thathavig some aberration is normal when the image is out of focus. So that explain the small difference in colors between the 2 technologies (focal plane sticks to the original color....)

Actually, the differences between the results of phase detection and focal plane technologies are easier to identify by the aberration! At high magnification, one does see more easily a difference in the colors than a difference in sharpness !

Finally, I confirm my remark of yesterday: I believe the 16-80 is an excellent lens for sharpness.

The 35mm is much faster at 35mm but with enough light, the 16-80 is just as good.

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