Autofocus questions (live view, viewfinder, etc)

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Brueghel wrote:

What I find puzzling is that not only is the C version not as good, but the black color is washed out.

What AF-Area mode are you using?

AF-Area mode: Single.

Might be AF point bias in the metering then

You may simply be seeing AF point bias in the metering. It's normal,

Not sure I understand what the point bias is...

The metering solution is affected by the, to a degree, by the color of the area in the FoV of the focus point. You get the most bias with AF-S and AF-Area mode "single" and less woth AF-C and/or use of the other dynamic AF-Area modes. Affect matrix metering the most

How are you triggering the shutter release?

With an attached cable. Camera is on a good tripod but my floor is in wood...

Lock focus then switch top manual focus ....then use the cable release or remote timer

I am going to redo the whole thing. Just too bizarre.

But given that I got a difference pointing in the same direction (AF-C worse than AF-S) with 2 different lenses and given that the setup was the same throughout, I doubt there will be a change

What is your shutter speed?

1/125. Mansurov recommends faster but I really did not have enough light...

Change the ISO to get faster than 1/200s to avoid Mirror slap

If I work outside that should be easy...

AF-C and AF-S always give the same result....unless the subject differs or your technique differs.

well, I took the shots at 10 second interval.

10 second interval? Are you changing AF mode manually in 10 second intervals?

when holding the camera, it takes me 2.48 seconds. With the camera on a tripod, and the whole thing setup too low, well, maybe it took me 8,9 seconds

If I did not make a mistake then I can draw a few conclusions:

You're likely simply differing your technique or settings rather than seeing any actual difference in AF-C or AF-S

Well, to be frank, I never took real life shots with AF-C and AF-S for comparison purposes... And yes, as I am usually happy with my modest results, I never opened seriously the Pandora box of settings... The AF part is particularly complex...

Be sure to use a large flat good light if able, at faster than 1/200s ...and at a subject distance of 50x focal length. All that helps avoid variables that affect focus comparisons

will do ! But my target is simply an 8x11 piece of paper with the recommended pattern printed (at top quality) by my home printer.

Will take the time to educate myself a bit and do thing properly. I must have messed up somewhere!

Thanks again

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