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Re: bias

Mako2011 wrote:

Brueghel wrote:

What I find puzzling is that not only is the C version not as good, but the black color is washed out.

What AF-Area mode are you using?

AF-Area mode: Single

You may simply be seeing AF point bias in the metering. It's normal,

Not sure I understand what the point bias is...

How are you triggering the shutter release?

With an attached cable. Camera is on a good tripod but my floor is in wood...

What is your shutter speed?

1/125. Mansurov recommends faster but I really did not have enough light...

What is your aperture?

3.3. At 35mm it is the max.

AF-C and AF-S always give the same result....unless the subject differs or your technique differs.

well, I took the shots at 10 second interval.

If I did not make a mistake then I can draw a few conclusions:

You're likely simply differing your technique or settings rather than seeing any actual difference in AF-C or AF-S

Well, to be frank, I never took real life shots with AF-C and AF-S for comparison purposes... And yes, as I am usually happy with my modest results, I never opened seriously the Pandora box of settings... The AF part is particularly complex...

Thanks for your response !

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