Nikon. The end is nigh...

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Re: Nikon. The end is nigh...

GirchyGirchy wrote:

717 wrote:

Nikon has - IMHO - too many models. The 7200 *was* the D400 more or less. The 7500 was purposely altered to NOT be a D499-1/2 to avoid killing D500 sales. The enthusiasts that buy at this level very much realize that.

Have you ever handled a D300, 200, etc? The D7200 was most definitely NOT a D300S replacement. There's a definite jump in feel and quality between the DX00 and D7X00 series.

Yes I have and the D300S is a much nicer - IMHO - camera to hold and use in almost every way. Almost. If you wanted dual cards, screw drive, best AF, weather resistance, etc. etc. AND the newest sensor, the D7200 was it until the D500 showed up. So by default it was the D400 more or less for awhile.

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