Just bought a new camera D5600 and a bit dissapointed

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In what way? There are a number of characteristics to IQ. Resolution, Noise at high ISO, White Balance, etc.

Colour,bightness, white balance and noise im more than happy with. Its something to do with both shadows and and sharpness. I cant quite describe. I will do more testing to see if I can play with picture control a bit more. But, what I find is for example a picture of a landscape getting everything in focus quite difficult. Also, a bowl of fruit, some things where in focus and others not. I havent played enough with the apertures and dont think ive gone beyong f11 on the d5600. Ive never really needed to play much of the time with the P900s aperture as most things in the pic are in focus most of the time, unless there is a great difference in distance between objects.

At base ISO and 8x10 around f8...IQ between the two should look about the same. Only real difference will be in what Picture Controls you set in camera.

I've set Picture controls as best I can to match the P900 looks.

Again, when you say IQ...be specific.

Please ready my first description

Compare both using Live View with the D5600 to insure perfect focus and use an equivalent f-stop. Try f8 and 50mm on the D5600 with the 18-105. That should be the sharpest point with that lens. Use same framing on the P900. I forget what the best f-stop for the p900 is.

Why should i have to use liveview?

CDAF (liveview) always results in perfect focus. PDAF (ViewFinder focus) is faster but is subject to front/back focus under many conditions. That's normal.

The OVF should be better at focusing no?

No.... But it is faster.

Part of the reason I bought a DSLR is to have an OVF and something that focuses well. (at least better than my P900).

Google CDAF vs PDAF.

At the mo, im using AF-S on both cameras. On the D5600 using Auto area which seems to lock focus on most of the scene with most focus points,

That is the least accurate focus area mode.

on the P900 im using 'Target Finding AF' which seems to choose a big part of the image. Just seems more difficult to get most of the parts in focus with the D5600. Maybe I need to practice using much higher F stops, (which then forces me to user much lower shutter speeds). In the end,, its starting to sound a bit limiting.
I will do some more more testing, But, I think, If i have to use a certain focul point on a given lense just to beat the image quality of a P900 just sounds a bit limitiing. Maybe I need to understand a bit more whats going on as im a newb with DSLR's.

Learning curve is steep but fast to learn.

Compare both at very high ISO as well....and at high magnification with same framing to see difference in resolution.

Not much point. I already know the D5600 will handle higher ISOs better than the P900. But you cant compare. The 2 cameras use ISO completely differently.

They use ISO exactly the same.

For example, I can shoot with my P900 at ISO 200 at night (which I usually do). I think the image stabilization works so well that it allows me to shoot at that ISO.

That's a difference in stabilization, not ISO

Whereas with the Kit lense on the D5600, I could never shoot at that ISO. I would need at least ISO 800 to get a shutter speed fast enough to get a sharp image. I think im also use to having an electronic shutter than a real on. The D5600 shutter i think effects shake quite a bit.. better practice a bit more.. hehe.

Yes, there is a shutter speed range were shutter shock and mirror slap play a part. You have to learn the technique for mitigating those phenomenon. A DSLR, vs P900, gives you more capabilities/flexibility regards composition and effects (like tighter DoF and less high ISO noise). Differences in image quality at low ISO are very small. That's normal.

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