Nikon D7200 "ERR" and "F - -" message

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Re: Nikon D7200 "ERR" and "F - -" message


D7200 - New, only 4 months in use

Few days ago I found the problem:

- In manual mode with shutter speed 4000 and higher ------> The camera makes photos but after every shot "Err" appears on small LCD screen.

- It requires to press the button again to delete error what has been followed with characteristic sound of releasing mirror.

When I remove lens I can see what is going on, the mirror doesn't come back at position after the first shot.

So far I don't have too many needs for the speed of shutter 4000 and higher and I use the camera normally but this is problem and I want to solve this.

Also this fault can develop and affect lower speeds of the shutter what can make camera completely unusable.

I bought the camera in Europe, but I am permanently situated in one African country.

Nikon shops and service doesn't exist here and I will not travel back to Europe or to any country where Nikon services exist in 1 year time so I will lose warranty.

I am electronic engineer with very good background in servicing different electronic devices.

Maybe with some advices and guidance I can solve this problem myself !?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks and regards from Africa

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